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Cookie Clicka!

4.8 ( 9648 ratings )
ゲーム エンターテインメント アクション アーケード
開発者 Longpaw, LLC
2.99 USD

If you crave cookies and clicking and unlocking endless upgrades, then Cookie Clicka will be your latest addiction!

Cookie Clicka is an incrementer game that finds you tapping a cookie, which in turn earns you more cookies that you can spend on upgrades.

Upgrades will allow you to earn more cookies at a faster rate.

Can you achieve Divine Intervention?

Can you lure aliens with the scent of chocolate chip cookies?

Cookie Clicka Features:

- Nearly Infinite Gameplay
- 10 Different Upgrades
- Total Cookie Count
- Total Cookies Per Second Rate
- Tally of Active Upgrades
- Cookies Per Second/Per Upgrade Ratio
- Scaling Upgrade Prices
- Animated Upgrades
- Sound Effects
- 100s of Witty Sayings Keep you Motivated!

Go ahead! Prove to the world that you have nothing but time on your hands!